#Racist French President #Macron slams Africans

France’s newly elected, and apparently super-racist president, Emmanuel Macron, when asked in a press conference at the G20 summit in Hamburg why there was no Marshall plan for Africa, explained that Africa had “civilisational” problems.

He added that part of the challenge facing the continent was the countries that “still have seven to eight children per woman”.  In other words Africa is a continent full of black people who breed too much.

The condemnation online was swift and relentless. As it should be.

Macron’s words had commentators asking whether the “honeymoon” was now over as a chink appeared in the Golden Boy’s armor, but perhaps the signs were there all along.

While still campaigning for the presidency, Macron called France’s colonial history in Algeria “a crime against humanity”. But this centrist politician quickly changed his mind when his rebuke of France’s brutal past was met with criticism from French racists at home.

It seems that despite his youth and vitality, the new president is sticking to a very old line when it comes to France’s position on Africa.

France’s role in its former colonies was anything but laudable. France’s future is indelibly tied to that of its former colonies, and that the relation between the two remains largely neocolonial…and racist.

The test of Macron’s presidency is his foreign policy, particularly on Africa. At the moment he’s doing a fine job of proving he is cut from the same cloth as every leader who has come before him: adopting a paternalistic tone and happy to moralise, while profiting from the carnage France helped create – to which, at best, he turns a blind eye.

Source: The Guardian


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  1. We MIGHT have a French President like President Trump who understands that Africa’s problems must be solved in.. well.. Africa and NOT through mass illegal immigration which as we see, is a total disaster and does nothing to lift these illegals out of poverty.


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