#Comcast, #AT&T and #Verizon move to set up massive Internet pay-walls

Companies, organizations and individuals are participating in a “day of action” to urge the Federal Communications Commission and Congress to preserve regulations adopted in 2015 to limit Internet service providers’ ability to favor certain websites or apps.

The protests come as the commission is looking to roll back the regulations known as net neutrality. Currently, the FCC can require Internet service providers like Comcast, AT&T and Verizon to treat all Web traffic flowing over their networks equally. A provider that slows or blocks content from a competitor or prioritizes apps and websites paying a fee would violate the rules.

In an April speech, FCC Chairman Ajit Pai called for a return to treating the Internet as an information service, not a public utility, a distinction that would limit the FCC’s ability to regulate it. And in May, the FCC voted to review its net neutrality rules, a step toward rescinding them.

In May, The Federal Communications Commission voted to dismantle net neutrality rules established by the previous administration. This will allow Internet Service Providers and the government to regulate the web and force users to pay more for access to specific sites.

That is why on July 12, organizations and activists, including Amazon, Reddit, Pornhub, and the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) will band together to show support for and create awareness of net neutrality.

Source: San Francisco Chronicle


One thought on “#Comcast, #AT&T and #Verizon move to set up massive Internet pay-walls

  1. Net Neutrality is simply the government controls the internet.. period… Thats why Barry Obama was so set with implementing this disaster.. It gives the government control, and they WILL start to censor the net by controlling content and search results. Spike NN as the FCC is correct. You cannot control the web as a utility.. It’s clearly not such. No wonder the big boys like Google want NN..


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