In California’s worker’s paradise, more workers get laid off

BAE Systems said it has notified about 300 workers at its ship-repair yard in San Diego that they will likely lose their jobs by early September due to a downturn in business.

“We have a steady base of work right now, but recent contract losses and a change in Navy contracting methods are leading us to conduct the workforce reduction,” said Karl Johnson, a spokesman for the company.

Johnson was referring to BAE’s unsuccessful attempt to persuade the Navy to award it a contract to repair and upgrade the 847-foot amphibious assault ship Makin Island. That $105 million contract was given to the company’s neighbor, General Dynamics-NASSCO.

BAE currently has 1,570 workers at its San Diego shipyard, a figure that it was hoping to maintain after having added a huge floating dock that enables it to handle larger ships.

At the moment, BAE is repairing the amphibious warship New Orleans; the destroyers Zumwalt, Decatur and Paul Hamilton; and the littoral combat ships Montgomery and Jackson.

Source:  San Diego Union-Tribune


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