L.A. making it easier for ex-cons to find work, get back into mainstream society

Los Angeles County may soon join the City of Los Angeles and others around the country in making it easier for people who have been released from prison to find employment. Two motions approved by the Board of Supervisors direct county officials to recommend standards for establishing “fair chance” ordinances in L.A. County.

The ordinances, which would apply to county government, businesses that contract with the county and businesses that operate in unincorporated L.A. County, would do away with restrictions on employment that are based solely on prior criminal records.

This could include such policies as not asking job seekers about criminal convictions until a conditional offer of employment is made, giving them an opportunity to appeal if an offer is rescinded and fining businesses that repeatedly flout the guidelines.

”Once someone has paid his or her debt to society, they ought to be afforded the opportunity to become productive citizens in the context of their respective communities,” Supervisor Mark Ridley-Thomas said during discussion of the motions on Tuesday.

If adopted, Los Angeles County’s ordinances would follow similar policies that have been put in place elsewhere.

Source: LA Times


One comment

  1. Yeh … right.. The employee’s want to work with a car jacker, possible rapist, bank robber, embezzler etc.. Once an employee is attacked by one of these new democrat voters on the job, the lawsuits against the company for endangerment in the work place will begin. In reality, this is a democrat voter drive as most con’s tend to vote demorat by 70%,.. same goes for immigrants and illegal aliens by the same margin. Another wedge issue by the democrats to control your life & decisions and and everything in it. If you refuse to put your employee’s in danger, then your a racist and discriminating against people of color who just happen to be most of the criminals this is aimed at.


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