#Oakland has become a city completely out of control

Oakland is a city completely out of control. It’s a mess right now.

More people are living in tent communities than ever before, as if the sidewalks under highway overpasses are the hottest land in the city.

New housing developments have gone up in flames in the predawn hours, putting the lives of nearby residents at risk.

When you take a drive through the city, you have to keep an eye out for potholes. These road cavities wreak havoc on your vehicle.

And if you don’t hit one of those, chances are you’ve been hit by auto burglars. It’s a rite of passage in Oakland to have your car windows smashed.

If you do call the police for something like an auto burglary — well, good luck with that.

The Police Department has been under federal supervision for 14 years, and it still can’t get its act together.

Source: San Francisco Chronicle


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