#China has had enough of #Islam

China has had enough of Islam.

The Chinese government is cracking down on terrorism in Xinjiang, China’s largest province and home to the Muslim Uyghur people.

The government banned all public prayer, criminalized sporting a beard for anyone younger than 50 years old, and installed security cameras in mosques which send a live feed of all congregational activities to local police stations.

Muslims attending mosque for prayer are required to pass through metal detectors and police ID checks. Restaurants which refused to serve food during Ramadan are permanently closed by government officials as punishment.

The Chinese government justified these harsh measures as necessary to prevent and root out radical Islamic terrorism in the region.

Islamics in the region were responsible for bombings, stabbings, and riots that have killed hundreds. Islamics living in Iraq and connected to ISIS, threatened to return to China to “shed blood like rivers.”

Source: The Daily Caller


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