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Feckless Board of Equalization defends the indefensible

Not reading CALmatters every day? Well you should. Here’s an example of why:

To put it mildly, the elected members of the state Board of Equalization are unhappy that the huge tax collection agency is being dismantled.

Last month, in response to revelations in numerous audits and journalistic investigations, the Legislature and Gov. Jerry Brown stripped the board of about 90 percent of its authority over sales and other taxes, leaving it with only a few constitutional duties relating to property taxes.

In its stead, a new state revenue department is being formed to collect billions of dollars a year in taxes, along with an appeals mechanism to handle tax case disputes.

Diane Harkey, the former Orange County Assembly member who chairs the board, expressed her displeasure in an Orange County Register article, to wit:

“How did an elected board established in 1879, which launched the careers of numerous state treasurers, controllers and others statewide, suddenly become such a bad board? The truth is we were actually finally addressing some long-time, systemic problems: lack of training, ignoring policies and procedures, members exceeding boundaries of authority, and tools for oversight that were woefully inadequate, which seems to be the practice in our state.”

It’s a weak defense of a board that had been an embarrassment for decades, kept alive only because it was a landing spot for otherwise unemployed politicians such as Harkey.

Source: CALmatters

Updated Monday, July 17, 2017:

Screenshot 2017-07-17 at 23.25.47.png

No Mr. Duran, we’re not. The pathetic Board brought this on themselves. Good luck in your job search.


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