California Legislature battles Trump on internet privacy, but ignores #NSA, #FBI domestic spying

“We’re trying to give the consumer a choice,” Chau said. “Before ISPs use or share info with others they ought to ask the customer first.”  Chau is still apparently OK with the Federal government listening to your phone calls and reading your email.

California lawmakers want to go their own way after the Trump administration decided to relax privacy regulations for internet service providers, such as Comcast, Verizon and AT&T.

That decision allows internet and cell companies to market personal information harvested from their customers without getting permission. They’ve said nothing about the National Security Agency and the FBI spying on you.

Assembly Bill 375, by Assemblyman Ed Chau, D-Arcadia, would put California at odds with the new federal administration just months into the Donald Trump presidency. It would force internet providers to get permission to sell or share private data such as a customer’s web browsing history and personal identifying information with third parties, which could use the information for targeted ads and other marketing efforts.

Internet providers track the sites customers visit and how long they stay. They also know what apps their customers use and on what devices they use them. That could potentially allow internet providers to partner with insurers to determine risk based on a customer’s browsing habits. Also, credit card companies could team up with providers to find out how likely a person is to pay their bills based on the online shopping sites they browse.

Source: The Sacramento Bee


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