California’s economy outstrips Texas

For many years, Californians have heard “experts” (read: folks who figure to profit by touting the theory) claim their state suffers from a lousy business climate and is steadily losing middle-class population and jobs to other states, especially arch-rival Texas.

The current national secretary of Energy, Rick Perry, even made radio and television commercials while governor of Texas touting the advantages of moving there. And there have been moves: a major one is the ongoing shift of Toyota’s U.S. headquarters from Torrance to Plano, outside Dallas.

Through all the rhetoric, some of it orchestrated by corporate move specialists plainly out to fatten their own wallets, California continues growing, with population now above 39 million, more than the entire country of Canada and 12 million more than fast-growing Texas.

There’s a reason California keeps growing despite it all: the state’s economy is fundamentally healthy.

Source: Orange County Register


One thought on “California’s economy outstrips Texas

  1. REALLY ..???.. With well over 9,000 BIG corporations and satellite companies already leaving Kaly, it’s not hard to see that Kalys economy depends now solely on the Silicon valley . Data shows that most of Kalys jobs are now being created in the” Hospitality, and healthcare sectors and many jobs now are simply the lower wage areas because of absurd minimum wages that Kaly has created through by massive job killing regulations. Manufacturing, and R&D is now accomplished in other states. Yes it is Texas is were the good paying jobs and companies are heading to. To deny this simple fact is to deny that Jerry and his legislature now are trying ti implement ful blown Venezuelan Socialism wit the eventually result or.. ” Running out of other peoples monies” Leaver while your still can !


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