Newspaper asks if breathing clean air is worth the cost?

The Orange County Register want’s to know if breathing clean air is worth the cost of protecting the environment.

They say thee pros and cons of California’s aggressive environmental-protection policies are a topic for debate as state officials consider an extension of the “cap-and-trade” climate program.

Are California’s environmental rules worth the costs?

How well have lawmakers balanced environmental and economic needs? Does the government give too little attention to the costs of environmental regulations? Or should money be no object when it comes to efforts to limit climate change and pollution?

At issue this month is the effort by Gov. Jerry Brown and Democrats in the state Legislature to extend California’s cap-and-trade program for 10 years beyond its scheduled expiration in 2020. Created in 2006 under Assembly Bill 32, called the Global Warming Solutions Act, cap and trade mandates the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions to specified levels. It aims to accomplish this by creating economic incentives, allowing businesses wishing to exceed emissions limits to purchase permits from the state or other companies.

Are the benefits of such a program worth what it adds to the price of energy?

Source: Orange County Register


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