#LATimes Analysis: Giving people money for their votes is good government

At the Los Angeles Times, giving people money for their vote is good government…as long as Democrats are the ones throwing the cash around.

Here’s their analysis:

“As his party’s healthcare plan imploded Monday night, President Trump could look across the country to the state he seems to disdain the most and see success forged by the very thing he ran against: old-fashioned politics.

California Gov. Jerry Brown and legislative Democrats worked with Republicans to craft a climate change measure that found just enough support among Republicans to pass even though many in the party continue to oppose it.

The victory was surely propelled by the Democratic advantage in the Legislature, but undeniably benefited from the singular focus of an executive steeped in government experience and willing to publicly plead and deliver concessions to get his measure over the line.

The effort to repeal and replace Obamacare was marked by neither those executive attributes, nor the overwhelming partisan advantage. Together, that made all the difference.”

In summary, if you bribe lawmakers with huge sums of money provided by taxpayers, you’re an experienced and able leader.

Finding a Republican sycophant makes the Times’ job even easier:

“You can be anti-institution all you want, but you have to know not just how to run a government, but how to run a governing coalition,” said Republican strategist Rob Stutzman. “It would appear this is beyond, so far beyond, the president’s grasp. This is the danger of having someone as president who has never played in politics.”

So there you have it.

Source: LA Times


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