Assembly Republican leader calls #capandtrade a “conservative concept”

Chad Mayes crossed party lines and voting with Democrats to extend the cap-and-trade program. In the view of partisans, Mayes had committed a terrible sin, though he’s convinced he was right.

Californians believe the climate is changing and want politicians to work together. Under cap and trade, industry can use the markets to achieve greenhouse gas reductions. That’s a conservative concept, he noted.

Partisans scoff at the notion and raise questions about his tactics. Mayes’ votes had sent the two Jons into a tizzy. Jon Coupal, leader of the Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association, and Jon Fleischman, a conservative author of the FlashReport blog, flamed Mayes on the L.A. radio show hosted by the demagogic yakkers, John & Ken. That lit up Mayes’ office phones.

But that’s not what was driving clicks. An anti-immigrant, self-described American nationalist posted an item on his obscure blog smearing Mayes over a supposed affair with ex-legislator and Stanislaus County Supervisor Kristin Olsen. The blogger quoted from a letter “obtained through Capitol sources”.

Source: Sacramento Bee


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