California is giving electric car owners more free money!

Over seven years, California has spent $430 million on low-emission vehicle subsidies (free money) to help lower the cost for car buyers.

Now the state Legislature is looking to extend that by another seven years, but with a price tag of $3 billion.

Assembly Bill 1184 is being slammed for leaving basic questions unanswered, including the biggest one: Where would the money come from?

The legislation favors automakers such as Tesla that make electric-only cars over carmakers that sell plug-in hybrids, which would not be eligible.

The Assembly’s own analysts have described the bill as “duplicative,” “unclear” and “problematic.”

Even some supporters admit it’s not fully cooked. And one Democratic state senator, Jerry Hill, has even proposed stripping funding until revenue sources are identified.

The bill has already passed the Assembly and two Senate committees. A full Senate vote could send the bill to Gov. Jerry Brown’s desk within weeks.

Source: LA Times

One comment

  1. Looking forward to watching Kaly collapse.. economically as they seem to just keep passing bills with absolutely no thought to a revenue stream or how they are screwing everybody around them without thinking of the consequences. Hey Jerry.. where in Hades is the money is going to come from. This is what happens when you have a Soviet style, corrupt, out of control, far leftist legislature that is desperately trying to emulate Venezuela and covert Kaly to a socialist a Balkanized poophole with the coming same results…. bankruptcy.


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