#OJ proves he still big money for the #elitemedia

For nearly a quarter-century, O.J. Simpson has served as a referendum on some American flashpoint: race, class, domestic violence, justice, California, celebrity.

That’s because he’s big business for the elite media. They love him and can’t get enough of him.

On Thursday, as a Nevada parole board granted him an October release after nine years in prison for a 2008 robbery and kidnapping conviction, it was striking how many of those issues still divide us. And how little Simpson – and we – have changed.

It is hard to remember, but there was a time when Simpson was merely a talented athlete, and the nation didn’t live in the thrall of live-streamed news and reality TV and 24-hour cable.

He is 70 now, and gray-haired. He had to try twice to hoist his burly frame from the chair after the Nevada Parole Board approved his release.

Still, there was no missing the old O.J. as he charmed and wheedled, going on about the lowlife escapade that put him behind bars, face earnest as a choirboy’s.

And there we were, glued to our screens and Twitter, a nation as captive as we’ve ever been to racism, sexism, celebrity, cheap thrills and famous dissembling con men.

O.J. still owns the news cycle.

Source: Sacramento Bee


One comment

  1. It is disgusting that the media still continues to run this killer and thug as a celebrity despite overwhelming evidence that he murdered two people in cold blood and got off of those charges through errors in the prosecution case. He then brings in muscle to get his sports memorabilia back with thugs and firearms. He got what he deserved.. serious jail time. Now this same media that celebrates, anti-american attacks as free speech, runs stories on wanting to kill President Trump and defiles American culture is set to give this loser a TV show.. REALLLYY !!!!!


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