Democrat redistricting will save McClintock in 2018

Regina Bateson was one of 750 people who at an April town hall listened to Republican Congressman Tom McClintock voice support for efforts by leaders of his party to scrap Obamacare, question the science behind climate change and dismiss the need for an investigation into Russian meddling in the 2016 presidential election.

It was a pivotal moment for her. That’s because Regina is basically a useful idiot, manipulated by the Left.

So it’s no surprise that soon after, she launched her campaign for California’s 4th Congressional District, a deep-red Republican stronghold encompassing the heart of the Sierras that McClintock has represented since 2009.

“Tom McClintock does not reflect the values of the 4th District. He does not act in the best interests of the district,” said Bateson, 35, a former U.S. State Department foreign service officer who recently returned with her family to her hometown of Roseville.

Bateson, a Democrat and political newcomer, is one of more than 40 Democrats challenging Republican incumbents next year in 11 of the 14 House seats California Republicans hold in Congress.

Thanks to redistricting, controlled by here Democrat friends in Sacramento, Republicans have dominated the sprawling, rural district for three decades.

Last year was no different. McClintock easily defeated his Democratic challenger, winning nearly 63 percent of the vote in a district that also went 54 percent for Donald Trump.

So Bateson is basically a loser, talking trash, and wasting people’s time. A useful idiot.

Source: Sacramento Bee


One thought on “Democrat redistricting will save McClintock in 2018

  1. Many of us feel the same in Marin Co, a deep Blue county were we have zero representation and the middle class in Marin is used as an ATM machine for Democrat crackpot issues like.. Marin will be under water in 10 years.. ( they said that ten years ago also ) more affordable housing which is directly tied to their disastrous economic policies and we see the eventual results of these scams with the cities they have controlled for almost 100 years back east. If Regina doesn’t like the district she is imprisoned in, then she needs to move to a deep blue hell hole county like Fresno, LA or any number of counties that is run into the ground by democrat polices… aka.. Sanctuary cities were the rule of law is tossed out for welfare for votes and illegals are given citizenship rights without being citizens.


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