Hapless GOP lawmakers continue their hollow rage against the fire prevention fee

A fire prevention fee levied on nearly 800,000 rural California properties was so reviled by Republican lawmakers, landowners and taxpayer groups that they tried a referendum, a lawsuit, and five pieces of legislation to repeal it during the last six years.

But this week, a measure to suspend and eventually repeal the fee was finally approved by the Legislature — after Democrats offered it as a bargaining chip to entice Republicans to help pass an extension of the state’s cap-and-trade climate program.

“This is a huge victory,” Assemblyman Devon Mathis (R-Visalia) said. “Six years ago the fire tax illegally forced people in fire-prone areas to pay $80 million a year, and not one cent has gone to putting more boots on the ground.”

But other Republicans say the suspension came with a price, and some feel the price was too high. A lawsuit challenging the fire fee and seeking refunds will continue to be pursued, activists say.

Source: LA Times


One comment

  1. There’s NO reason for the fire tax. It is nothing but another democrat flush fund. The 8 sell outs for the Cap & Tax scam need to be removed from office while the tax is pursued in court which would force Jerry to refund 80 million big ones to the rural area folks he so despises.


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