Republicans on the hot seat

California’s congressional races are pivotal to Democratic efforts to flip the House, and there are already more than 60 candidates in more than a dozen battleground districts for the 2018 election.

It is 16 months before the 2018 general election and candidates have until March to file to run for Congress. But it isn’t unusual for them to start campaigning so early in order to try to advance to a general election runoff by securing one of the top two spots in the June primary. It gives them plenty of time to raise the more than a million dollars often required to win.

Many of the challengers recently filed their first financial reports, and political insiders and donors are looking closely for indicators of who has fundraising ability. A strong early fundraising figure can deter potential rivals or draw support from the national political parties. Weak fundraising can encourage new opponents to enter the race.

Some incumbents are already sitting on lots of cash as opponents line up to challenge them.

Source: LA Times

One comment

  1. REALLY,. after the democrats refusal to accept the results of a national election, their daily threats to kill President Trump with a Bernie crazy actually trying to kill congressional repubs at a baseball game, and daily fake news attacks through their media sycophants, Obama and Soros, do they really think that they have the trust of the voters, So far, Employment is better, jobs are coming back, industries that Obama and these same dem’s targeted for bankruptcy are roaring back with profits and job creation. The stock market is up 17% and criminal illegals and illegal aliens in general are being found and deported, plus illegal border crossing are down by a whopping 70%. Good luck with that fantasy. People always vote with their pocket book in the end and there’s no reason to change congress,as the Dem’s have zero plans and only want to bring back the mess that Barry Soweto created.. How was that workin for you Democrats ??


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