Can the hapless #Democrats unseat the pathetic #DuncanHunter?

With the primary election less than a year away, six motivated Democrats are maneuvering to gather support from the party faithful — as well as disenchanted Independents and Republicans — all with the aim of challenging Duncan Hunter, the embattled GOP incumbent in the 50th Congressional District.

Hunter’s latest hurdle came in March when the Justice Department announced an investigation into possible campaign violations. That comes on top of earlier allegations into Hunter improperly using thousands of dollars in campaign funds for personal use, prompting an investigation by the House Ethics Panel. The investigation was recently turned over to the FBI.

Other questions have been raised about “unusual spending by Hunter’s campaign, including flying the family rabbit on a plane and payments to nail salons, his children’s private school and a Phoenix resort,” it continued.

Basically he’s a loser.

Having said that, the pathetic Congressional Democrats face an uphill battle in dumping Hunter.

Hunter is now serving his fifth two-year term, having first been elected in 2008 after his father, with the same name, had been a long-time incumbent.

Source: San Diego Free Press


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