All of the sudden #SanDiego is excited about #BorderWall money

Congress could vote as early as today for a spending bill that would kickstart the building of a border wall in San Diego and Texas.

The $1.6 billion request in a House spending bill from Rep. John Carter, R-Texas, would include $251 million for 14 miles of secondary fencing in San Diego, and earmark $38.2 million for future wall construction along the entire border. A border wall between the United States and Mexico was a keystone of President Donald Trump’s campaign.

All that money has politicians in San Diego salivating.

The border wall money is included in an amendment that is tied to military funding. If the Rules Committee approves that amendment, it would avoid a vote in the full House where moderate Republicans would likely vote against border wall funds.

The spending package, called a minibus, would also put Democrats in an awkward position to have to vote against funding for the military and veterans.

Source: San Diego Union-Tribune


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