#Homeless tsunami crushing #politicallycorrect small business in #SanFrancisco

Politically correct small business owners in San Francisco are compassionate about their homeless community.

Small business owners “understand” their plight.

That’s why a tsunami of homeless people are overrunning their establishments.

Customers will not patronize them if access to their stores and restaurants are blocked or if they feel unsafe. Customers frequently avoid these situations and leave, thus having a detrimental financial effect on businesses.

There’s also the impact on the quality of life with sidewalks inundated with trash and detritus, not to mention disposed needles.

So much for being politically correct.


One thought on “#Homeless tsunami crushing #politicallycorrect small business in #SanFrancisco

  1. I frequently am forced to walk around feces, see these creeps urinating on the sidewalks in front of woman and their small kids and they aggressiveness demand that you give them cash. I also make it a point to NOT do business with the Small Business that asks for donations so these mentally ill people can continue their chosen life style. I’ve bought sandwiches for them and have been told that they just want the money ..or.. thy don’t eat that type of food. Time to either abandon San Fran or don’t do business with shops that promote this degenerate life style that many San Franciscans protect.


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