#Republican #elite saved #Obamacare and don’t give a damn if you’re getting #screwed

This guy already has his free healthcare. He’s gotten rich in Washington using the government to screw you.

If you’re hating the Republican Party in light of their epic failure to reform Obamacare, you’re not alone.

The collapse of Republicans’ drive to repeal the Affordable Care Act is prompting a wave of GOP anger and anxiety across the country, as the defeat has widened divisions within the party and emboldened Democrats hoping for major gains in the 2018 midterm elections.

This Republican loves Obamacare. He’s already got his free healthcare so screw you.

The implosion of legislation to remake the U.S. health-care system has Republicans worried not just because they have failed to deliver on a marquee campaign pledge, but because it casts doubt on the broader promise to be a can-do governing party after years in the opposition.

The party splintered and turned on itself in the hours after the predawn Senate vote rejecting a last-ditch GOP health-care bill. House Republicans grumbled about their Senate counterparts. Conservatives complained about centrists who cast the deciding votes. And the chasm between congressional Republicans and President Donald Trump, who has threatened to help mount primary challenges to wayward Republicans, widened.

This Republican misses the good old days of segregation. He’s already got his free healthcare, so screw you.

Many Republicans saw the Senate vote as the death knell for the party’s seven-year-old promise to repeal the Obama-era health law. It was a triumph for the Democratic Party and the anti-Trump “resistance” movement, whose demonstrations supporting the Affordable Care Act at congressional town-hall meetings pressured Republicans and helped boost the public’s once-tepid support for the law.

Chris Wilson, a GOP pollster says that the party can’t walk away from its promise to overhaul the health-care system.

“The GOP base won’t stand for being lied to for seven years,” said Mr. Wilson. “The GOP has to do something that they can defend next fall. ‘We tried and failed, now re-elect us’ isn’t going to work.”

Source: Wall Street Journal


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