93 California dams need reassessment before next flood season — don’t hold your breath

After the concrete spillway at the Oroville Dam crumbled under heavy use earlier this year, the Division of Safety of Dams decided to review more than 100 dam spillways that were considered vulnerable to similar issues because of their age and capacity and size of the communities they protect, the agency said.

On Thursday, the DSOD released a list of the 93 dams that it concluded need further inspection.

“These assessments may require acquiring additional information to adequately evaluate the spillways’ ability to perform satisfactorily during a flood event,” the agency said. “It will not be known which spillways, if any, will need repairs until the comprehensive assessments are completed and reviewed by DSOD.”

The DSOD’s call for reassessments comes as state officials are still trying to determine precisely what caused the failures at Oroville Dam. The Oroville Dam was built five decades ago, but officials noted that other dams in the state are much older.

Don’t expect things to get better anytime soon. It’s best to move to higher ground.

Source: LA Times


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