Brutal L.A. firefighter who attacked citizen for giving out Halloween candy…gets no punishment

An L.A. firefighter choked and seriously injured a man giving out Halloween candy. His sentence? No jail

Video shot on Samuel Chang’s cell phone on the Halloween night he was physically confronted by three men including two off-duty Los Angeles firefighters.

For nearly six minutes, Samuel Chang gasped in desperate, ragged breaths as four men held him down on a Chatsworth street on Halloween night.

Chang went limp. The men who had been holding him down quickly performed CPR, and paramedics were called.

Chang would remain hospitalized for weeks — suffering a hemorrhage, kidney failure, severe head trauma and other injuries that he says still affect him to this day — and Los Angeles police detectives later concluded he was the victim of a felony assault at the hands of an off-duty city firefighter, court records show.

After criminal charges were filed against Eric Carpenter in December 2015, a probation report concluded Carpenter deserved at least a year in jail, noting Chang could have died.

But prosecutors recently gave Carpenter a plea deal that spared him any time behind bars, and he remains on duty as a city firefighter.

In other words, no punishment.

The outcome has infuriated Chang’s family and his attorney. It’s clear Carpenter received preferential treatment from the Los Angeles County district attorney’s office.

Carpenter’s lawyer, Michael Goldstein, served as Dist. Atty. Jackie Lacey’s campaign finance director when she was elected in 2012, according to his website. He has donated thousands of dollars to her political accounts over the years, according to campaign finance records. And Lacey’s statements of economic interest show Goldstein has given her $200 worth of sporting tickets and pastries worth $100.

Carpenter deserves to be in prison. It’s clear that Michael Goldstein and Jackie Lacey should join him there. Criminal brutality of this type against citizens by police officers and firefighters has become all to common in California. It must be stopped.

Source: San Diego Union-Tribune


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