If you lose an election, should your crimes be forgiven?

To the Left it seems, if you lose the election your crimes should all be forgiven.

Democrat Hillary Clinton lost the 2016 election to President Donald Trump, but some Republicans in Congress are intensifying their calls to investigate her and other Obama administration officials.

Well, yes…if there is suspected wrong-doing there should be an investigation.

As investigations into Russian meddling and possible links to Trump’s campaign have escalated on both sides of the Capitol, some Republicans argue that the investigations should have a greater focus on Democrats.

Democrats who have pushed the election probes “have started a war of investigative attrition,” said GOP Rep. Steve King of Iowa, a member of the House Judiciary Committee.

King is absolutely right.

Several officials from former President Barack Obama’s administration and Clinton’s campaign have appeared before or been interviewed by the House and Senate Intelligence Committees as part of the Russia investigation.

Democrats brought this fiasco on themselves.

Source: Sacramento Bee


One thought on “If you lose an election, should your crimes be forgiven?

  1. It has been hinted by Former FBI head, Mr Comey that he didn’t do a full investigation during the election and charge Ms Klinton with her obvious felonies as the investigation would surely lead to top leaders in BOTH Parties. When I see and hear Repub’s in the Congress all of a sudden calling for no investigations of Klinton while pursuing Fake Russian stories with Mueller simply on a fishing expedition looking for anything he can get Trump on and completely ignoring Klintons obvious major crimes, then I think we can say that the Repubs who want no further actions into this as they will be either implicated in her criminal activities or they have been compromised by her and are being threatened.. Look no further than Seth Richie.


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