Brutal #Campbell cop’s gun-play goes viral on #Facebook

The Campbell Police Department is defending a motorcycle officer’s decision to draw his gun during a recent car stop on Highway 101 — an incident that was recorded and posted on Facebook, where it has amassed more than half a million views and scores of critical comments.

Naturally…after all, in today’s Police State, every citizen is the enemy.

Recorded by the driver, the roughly 9-minute video shows the officer pointing his pistol at a male passenger, who tells the officer several times to stop while holding his hands up.

“Why are you still pointing the gun at me, bro?” the passenger asks. “My hands are right here.”

Many of the comments on the video are critical of the officer’s decision draw his gun.

“He needs to be fired,” wrote one Facebook user.

Enjoy your Police State.

Source: Mercury News


One thought on “Brutal #Campbell cop’s gun-play goes viral on #Facebook

  1. Perhaps in Kalys ” Anti-Police” environment brought to you by your local far left demoRat politician and expanded on many
    ” Social Sites” , yes the police are the enemy..You can NOT second guess why the officer felt he needed his weapon drawn. In light of the fact that shooting & attacks on police are up by 42% in America, the driver may have given the officer cause.. Next time you need the Police at your home or during commission crime,… please feel free to call Barbara Lee, De Leon, Ole Jerry or Jared Huffman. I’m sure they will come rushing to save you. Job well done Officer , be safe while your on patrol.


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