Violent threats aimed at California legislators…clueless #elitemedia blames #Trump

The Left’s vitriol during the administration of President Trump has had on unintended consequence…violence targeting elected officials.

Ooops! The elite media probably never thought this would happen.

In our raucous, unruly democracy, politicians develop thick skins, knowing the job’s occupational hazards include sharp criticism and verbal assaults.

But seven weeks after an unhinged man shot and seriously wounded Rep. Steve Scalise, R-La., the words aimed at Senate President Pro Tem Kevin de León are chilling.

One letter urges de León to “hurry up and die.” Another writer claiming to be a “decorated U.S. Marine sniper” threatened to hunt liberal legislators down like dogs. “I will be your worst nightmare come true,” the writer said.

The Left has gone off the edge and turned to violence as a political strategy, as California Assembly Speaker Anthony Rendon is learning. The California Nurses Association continues to rail against him for taking the wise step of spiking a half-baked universal health care bill. An image displayed at nurses’ demonstrations depicts a bloody dagger in the back of a California bear, hardly fitting for a union that represents healers.

The elite media needs to look in the mirror if they want to identify the cause of today’s vitriol, and violence.

Source: Sacramento Bee


One thought on “Violent threats aimed at California legislators…clueless #elitemedia blames #Trump

  1. This is what the democrats have cultivated and NOW.. THEY are astounded that they are targets after their vicious attacks, vile name calling, daily death threats to conservatives from members of their party against President Trump and an actual attempt by one of the Bernie Crazies to kill Republican Congress people. So, it’s a double edged sword Kevin. When you snear at us, tell us your entire family are illegal aliens collecting welfare, stop ICE and Law Enforcement from picking up criminal illegal aliens, hand out welfare for illegal voting and daily attacks on the police for doing their jobs, you can expect push back from a growing group of really ticked off Californians who’s voice is & freedoms are slowly being crushed by your crooked politics and rigged voting. Maybe cleaning up your party’s dirty politics and start to represent ALL Kalifornians instead of a few and you might find that this stuff fades away.


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