Brutal #Oceanside law criminalizes using the sidewalk

Anyone in Oceanside sitting or lying on a downtown public sidewalk during business hours could be cited under a proposed ordinance that blatantly targets the homeless.

Several cities across the state have adopted similar ordinances in recent years.

“We should all be a little nervous when sitting in a public space is deemed a crime,” said Paul Boden, executive director of the Western Regional Advocacy Project in San Francisco.

“Local governments are passing laws they know will be enforced discriminately. If it was enforced against everyone, it would be off the books in a heartbeat.”

The Oceanside ordinance doesn’t mention the homeless. Authorities say it’s aimed only at keeping sidewalks clear for pedestrians.

“It’s all about safety,” police Sgt. Kendrick Sadler said last week. “We’re not looking to ticket people … It’s just a tool to keep people moving along.”

Yeah, right.

Oceanside has one of San Diego County’s largest homeless populations.

Enjoy your Police State.

Source: San Diego Union-Tribune


One thought on “Brutal #Oceanside law criminalizes using the sidewalk

  1. And this is a BAD thing.. Just look at San Fran when you allow so-called homeless to urinate, pass out from drugs, aggressive panhandling and generally cause mayhem. Letting bums have free rein of your city streets is NOT the answer


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