Crooked Muni cable car conductors busted in massive sting operation

A city-led sting operation discovered Muni cable car operators failed to collect cash fares 37 percent of the time.

That audit was conducted by the Office of the Controller’s City Services Auditor Division in “plainclothes,” and the findings were released in a City Controller report on Monday.

Now, in the wake of those findings, the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency has said it will soon begin conducting quarterly undercover stings of its own cable car operators.

The decision follows a report written after plainclothes auditors from the City Controller’s Office also found two cable car conductors who failed to give receipts for cable car payments, one of whom was ultimately arrested by the San Francisco Police Department under suspicion of embezzlement, according to the report.

About one-third of the $10 million in cable car fares were collected in cash, according to the controller’s report, placing much money at risk from cable car conductors, who collect cash for fares aboard the cable car itself.

Source: San Francisco Examiner


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