#GavinNewsom’s #healthcare scheme is pretty much a scam

Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom, a Democratic candidate for governor, announced in March he’s drafting a statewide universal health care plan based in part on Healthy San Francisco. That’s the citywide program he signed into law as San Francisco mayor in 2006.

So what’s the real story?

The San Francisco plan is best described as universal health care access. It shouldn’t be confused with traditional health insurance because it’s not portable outside city limits. Newsom didn’t describe it as health insurance, but he also didn’t spell out the plan’s limitation.

Additionally, Newsom’s claim that the program didn’t require a general tax increase ignores the fact that some restaurants have added a fee to customers’ bills to make up for program costs of imposed on them.

So in the end, Healthy San Francisco is pretty much a scam.

Source: PolitiFact California


One thought on “#GavinNewsom’s #healthcare scheme is pretty much a scam

  1. Newswom is a chameleon folks. he gets his big money from Silicon Valley. He’s not a man of the Little People. Kalys continuing descent into a Venezuelan nightmare continues unabated and Gavin is hellbent on creating a Socialist hellhole. The Legislature did an cost analysis for ” Universal healthcare “.. The cost was staggering. 400 BILLION + and thats just to get started. It would require a 25% personal income tax and at least a 15% payroll tax. Kalys budget is 160 Billion. So in addition to the massive taxes already in place in the Golden State, plus federal taxes, the middle class once again will used as an ATM machine to help replace white voters with the new south of the border population..It’s time to flee the state for people who are not followers of Marx.


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