Still think cops aren’t #racist?

It’s a picture of a cartoon mother drowning her young daughter in the bathtub. Underneath the picture, it reads “When your daughters first crush is a little Negro boy.”

The post quickly provoked public outrage, with the Estherwood Police Department and Estherwood City Hall receiving multiple calls about Wayne Welsh’s post on Monday, according to KATC.

“I didn’t know anything about it until 10 this morning,” Villejoin told KATC Monday. “A woman called from Houston to tell him about it. I apologize for the post. It is too soon to say if there will be any disciplinary action at this time.”

Naturally, Welsh’s first instinct was not to apologize for the picture, however.

He made a follow-up post on Monday, according to screenshots posted to the City Hall Facebook page, that read “Its  not against the. Law if you share stuff on. Facebook. Its social media. Internet.” Facebook friends of his also defended him.

He also posted about people using the “race card” and that the “Facebook police” were mad at him.

Villejoin also defended Welsh, who he told KADN has been his friend for years.

Enjoy your Police State.

Source: Sacramento Bee


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