#California #Democrats let #BigOil run wild

Five years ago, on Aug. 6, Bay Area refinery neighbors got a big wake-up call about the need for citizen action to make their communities safer and cleaner.

This warning took the form of a towering plume of toxic smoke from a major fire at Chevron, whose Richmond managers put profits and production ahead of corroded pipe repair.

When oil industry accidents occur in my refinery town or others nearby — such as Hercules, Martinez or Benicia — we’re told to “shelter in place.” That means staying inside, closing all windows and doors, even sealing them with duct tape. And that’s what many Richmond residents did in 2012, although 15,000 still took their respiratory complaints to the nearest hospital or clinic.

Hunkering down at home and hoping for the best — or going to see the doctor — is no substitute for addressing a problem at its source.

Apparently though, that’s the remedy most favored by the Democrats who run California.

Source: San Francisco Chronicle

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