Covered California premiums explode!

So much for keeping your health plan, and keeping your doctor.

Peter Lee, the executive director of Covered California, which currently has about 1.4 million enrollees, released his organization’s 2018 rate guide for pricing regions from the Oregon border to San Diego County.

Next year, the average premium is expected to go up by 12.5 percent, about one percentage point lower than the rise for this year but still three times higher than the 4 percent premium increases experienced by Covered California members in 2015 and 2016.

Lee said Anthem Blue Cross, which currently offers policies in and outside of Covered California for all 19 of the health exchange’s geographic rating areas, will pull back to only four areas in 2018. The other 10 companies offering insurance plans through Covered California intend to stay in their current markets.

Tuesday’s announcement means many more people will be getting screwed, again.

According to Covered California’s most recent enrollment snapshot — from March — Anthem covered about 252,560 Obamacare customers. Lee said about 153,000 of them live in regions where the carrier will pull out of the individual health insurance market.

Source: San Diego Union-Tribune


2 thoughts on “Covered California premiums explode!

  1. No Surprise as it was and IS designed to fail. The real purpose was to have it fail in 10 years, but the scam is collapsing much faster than they thought and now, there isn’t a demoRat in the white to push it to Single Payer, which as everyone knows is rationed care.. Just ask the Canadians why they have turned Cleveland Ohio into the Hip and Knee replacement capital of Canada.


  2. B b b butt governor moonbat said things would be fine if we just voted yes on all the tax increases… Sure thing step right up to the big wheel of fortune with the democreep dictatorship in Stinkramento. As we continue to circle around the cesspool drain of history and prepare for a financial disaster headed this way because of decade after decade of corrupt economic democrat practices that have only lined pockets of all in stinkramento but benefited no citizen taxpayer! Thanks dumbocreeps we really needed a shove over the ruination cliff!!


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