#GloriaAllred under investigation by DC and California bar associations

Media hound discrimination lawyer Gloria Allred is under two bar investigations for legal malpractice connected to her representation of a male weatherman.

Local Washington, D.C. weatherman Kyle Hunter sued CBS in 2010, alleging that he was passed over for promotions in favor of young, attractive women. Hunter hired Allred to represent him in his suit charging discrimination against the network.

But unbeknownst to Hunter, Allred was also in talks with CBS about producing a legal drama based on her life.

Hunter alleges that Allred and other attorneys at her firm failed to properly interview and produce witnesses who would have backed his version of events. He claims that Allred lied to him about speaking with said witnesses, even though they were close friends with Hunter and told him she had not reached out.

Hunter’s allegations against Allred were the subject of an inquiry by the California State Bar.

Now LawNewz reports that the D.C. Bar has also opened an investigation into Allred’s conduct during Hunter’s case.

Source: Washington Free Beacon


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