#SantaRosa police use “knife story” as the excuse to gun down #Latino man

The Sonoma County Sheriff’s Office released little new information Sunday about a Santa Rosa Police officer’s fatal shooting early Saturday of a man they claim had a knife.

Naturally, the press release from the Sheriff’s Office did not identify the victim, the officer involved or the number of shots fired. They clearly need more time to develop the “knife story”.

According to the police, the man was under a mattress, and despite officers using pepper spray and a Taser an unknown number of times, followed by several minutes of negotiations in English, the man advanced on police.

Then all of the sudden, one officer shot the man several times. The amount of shots fired, the amount of times and location the man was struck will be determined in the course of the investigation. (See reference to the “knife story” above.)

The man was declared dead at the scene.

Enjoy your Police State.

Source: The Press Democrat


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