Just when you thought #SiliconValley’s bigotry couldn’t get any worse

Need more proof Silicon Valley is run by white racist men? Well here you go.

When Google realized in 2013 it had a diversity problem, it followed the corporate playbook by introducing workshops to train employees about hidden biases.

But four years later — and after sending three-quarters of its 70,000 employees through sensitivity training — the Mountain View tech giant is now reeling after a male employee circulated a memo arguing women are biologically incapable of doing a man’s job in Silicon Valley.

The 3,000-word post — which contended, among other things, that men fundamentally have a higher drive for status than women — has triggered another crisis for a tech industry scrambling to find a credible solution to its underrepresentation of minorities and women. And it comes at a time when high-profile start-ups such as Uber and venture firms such as Binary Capital have come under fire for sexual harassment scandals.

The memo also puts Google’s push to promote diversity in the spotlight, raising questions about its efficacy. How could a company whose purported raison d’etre is “do no evil” harbor an employee bold enough to deride empathy as irrational, equate more women in the workforce as “social engineering” and claim females are too agreeable to effectively lead?

Source: LA Times


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  1. I know at least two former, retired Silicon Valley Exec’s who flat out told me that they would not hire a woman as a manger as they have monthly issues that make them unstable at times of the month. They said that past experience has bore this out to be true.. So maybe there is a reason for this at the worlds most far left IT company.


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