Brown says #sanctuarystate bill would protect the bad guys

Gov. Jerry Brown again is trying to save Democratic legislators from their leftist selves. This time he’s stopping them from protecting criminals.

The governor finally has spoken out unequivocally regarding the Democrats’ so-called “sanctuary state” legislation.

What he’s saying makes sense: Sure, help the people who migrated here illegally but are contributing positively to the state. But corral the crooks and deport them.

Source: Gov. Brown is right about the ‘sanctuary state’ bill: Protect law-abiders and help boot the bad guys – LA Times


One thought on “Brown says #sanctuarystate bill would protect the bad guys

  1. The Illegal aliens ARE the Law breakers Jerry DDaahhhh. They are NOT contributing to the state. They are sucking all the life out of the Social Services and are drawn to Kaly simply because the welfare for votes scam is being run from sacto. Jerry also knows that the voters in Kaly all agree with President Trump in poll after poll here .. Illegals should be deported. and that poll came for a Berkeley Poll company. He sees the writing on the wall and their criminal mafia scam they are running using illegals for votes may well start to backfire and Jerry sees this this.


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