Julio Castaneda dumps Dems, Greens, will run as an independent against Ed Royce

Buena Park’s Julio Castaneda, a longtime Democrat, went all-in for Bernie Sanders last year, working as a “super volunteer” in central Orange County.

When Hillary Clinton prevailed in the primary, the 33-year-old defected to the Green Party and ended up voting for that party’s nominee, Jill Stein.

But he became disillusioned with the Greens too, concluding that they were not a viable option and changing his registration to independent, officially known in California these days as “No Party Preference.”

Then, on May 4, he launched his own longshot challenge of Rep. Ed Royce, R-Fullerton.

Source: Candidate cuts party ties in challenge of Rep. Ed Royce – Orange County Register


One comment

  1. Julio Castaneda is a well known hard core far leftist.. More likely a communist and as usual.. from Kaly. If your a super Bernie fan and then go for the Water Melon Party /Green Party ( Green on the Outside and Red on the Inside ) and they aren’t far left enough, good luck . But hey, why not. He’s a perfect dove for Sacramento and the Dem DC wing of the Kaly Crazies.


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