National anthem protests are having a huge impact on the #NFL’s bottom line

Colin Kaepernick isn’t currently in the NFL, but the free agent quarterback’s saga might be the most talked-about topic in the league.

J.D. Power released a report Thursday saying that protests during the national anthem — for which Kaepernick is well-known — is the No. 1 reason NFL ratings and game attendance dipped last season.

The finding is part of the J.D. Power 2017 Fan Experience Study, measuring customer satisfaction among fans of major pro sports teams. According to the report, 30% of football fans said protests during “The Star-Spangled Banner” were the main reason their NFL viewership and/or attendance declined.

Source: Survey: National anthem protests are the main reason fans tuned out NFL in 2016 – LA Times


One thought on “National anthem protests are having a huge impact on the #NFL’s bottom line

  1. No ONLY was the Kappy debacle part of many viewers reason for abandoning the NFL.. But their asinine refusal to stand up for the Flag and America by saying it was his right was also a huge part of dropping viewership… That may be , but if you can’t support America and Americans in general by letting Kappy know he had better keep his crap leftist protest off the field, then there’s no rason for me to keep watching the NFL.


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