Garamendi pitches Medicare for all

Dreaming of a state-run single-payer healthcare system? Wake up and enter the real world. Want universal healthcare for all Americans? Medicare for all is the solution.

Not this year or next, but possibly in the future — when Democrats recapture the presidency and Congress.

That’s the fight advocated by U.S. Rep. John Garamendi (D-Walnut Grove), a longtime healthcare warrior.

“Medicare is far, far more efficient than private insurance companies,” he said. “Using the tax system to collect money for healthcare delivery is extremely efficient. No profits. No commissions. No advertising.”

Garamendi, 72, earned his healthcare credentials decades ago. He has been fighting for universal coverage since Jerry Brown was governor the first time.

The congressman, whose mostly rural district covers the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta and spreads into eight counties, was first elected to the state Assembly in 1974. Later, he moved to the state Senate, where he headed the Health and Welfare Committee.

Source: Forget about single-payer healthcare. This California congressman has the real solution: Medicare for all – LA Times


One thought on “Garamendi pitches Medicare for all

  1. These followers of Marx have yet to figure out that the freakin cost for this BS is absurd and not affordable for any government to try to under take. The Taxes alone would require massive amounts of money , Jerry and the kaly marxists in the legislature have found out. This poltroon, like Bernie is again dangling FREE STUFF in front of the rubes in hope of getting power. This healthcare and Obama Care, all end up rationing care to older people.. period.. same goes on in Canada. They never seem to want to do FREE MARKETS do they. It’s always some kind of government control of your health that the DemoRats push. He’s not telling you the cost or the fact that it soon morph into Single Payer as design.. just like ObamaCare was intended to do. Get a job and pay for your own care and get the government out of the health business


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