The #CaGOP continues to self-destruct, not because of #climatechange, but because of #bigotry

After weeks of escalating criticism, Assembly Republican Leader Chad Mayes still doesn’t have any regrets over bucking his party to support California’s cap-and-trade program on climate change.

Whether he did the right thing is a question that has engulfed California’s collapsing Republican Party.

For Mayes and his allies, voting for the global warming legislation was a bid to show voters that Republicans are serious about tackling an issue important to Californians.

For conservative critics, the entire episode was a betrayal of party principles and a tactical blunder.

Perhaps worst of all, they said, a grinning Mayes posed for chummy photos with Brown and top Democratic lawmakers after the vote.

Shawn Steel, one of California’s two representatives on the Republican National Committee, called it “repugnant.”

Steel should know something about being repugnant…as he, along with California Republican Party Chairman Jim Brulte, have been two of the architects who have orchestrated the Party’s collapse into super-minority status.

Basically the California Republican Party is dying under the leadership of the hateful, racist, self-serving bigots who have been leading it for the last two decades.

Source: California Republicans face backlash for backing climate change program – LA Times


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