#Obamacare can’t survive without subsidies

The federal deficit would swell and premiums for some health plans would rise sharply if the Trump administration makes good on a threat to cut off subsidies for low- and medium-income buyers of health insurance, the Congressional Budget Office said Tuesday.

The report from the nonpartisan budget office, which analyzes the cost of legislation for Congress, provided the latest ammunition in a fight that has taken place largely behind the scenes on whether Trump will try to keep the market for individual health insurance stable over the next year or actively disrupt the marketplaces in hopes of forcing Congress to repeal or significantly change the Affordable Care Act.

Source: Higher premiums, increased deficit if Trump ends Obamacare subsidies, CBO says – The San Diego Union-Tribune


One thought on “#Obamacare can’t survive without subsidies

  1. Either the Federal government goes broke subsidizing peoples healthcare, or the people with the plans go broke.. It’s NOT President Rumps decisions that will affect this . It is the democrats insane lust for power that has brought us to this point.. Repeal and Replace is the only same option now.


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