California cops killed 157 citizens last year

Violent police encounters in California last year led to the deaths of 157 people and six officers, the state attorney general’s office said Thursday in a report that provides the first statewide tally on police use-of-force incidents.

All of the state’s 800 police departments supplied detailed data from 2016, including demographic information on the civilians and officers, the type of call that led to the violence and the officers’ justification for using force.

Forty-two percent of civilians who were involved in the incidents were Hispanic, 30 percent white and 20 percent black. More than 50 percent of the officers involved were white, according to the report.

Source: 157 died in encounters with police in California last year | The Modesto Bee


One thought on “California cops killed 157 citizens last year

  1. Kaly has a serious crime problem and this doesn’t tell you WHY they had to shoot this many people in the line of duty.. Maybe if the population wasn’t full of criminal illegals and released criminals under Jerry Browns catch & Release programs and Prop 47 which reduced felonies to misdemeanors, this wouldn’t be happening.. It’s not the cops fault..Blame Jerry and the Democrat Party for it’s weal on crime solution to criminals.


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