Video shows #SacramentoPD brutalizing pregnant woman, 1-year-old son

Sacramento police released body-camera images from a controversial encounter last month in which an officer grabbed the arm of a pregnant woman who moments later fell to the ground.

In the first clip, the officer wearing the body camera charges toward the apartment screaming, “Hands! Let me see your hands, put your hands up!” He then screams, again, using an expletive as he tells someone to put their hands up.

Moments later the camera captures an image of the pregnant woman standing in front of the doorway.

As the woman screams, “Come on, wait a minute, my son is in the house,” an officer yells, “Hey move, move!”

Moments after the woman stood up, an officer draws his gun and another kicks in the door. The woman can be heard screaming, “Why are y’all doing this to my house?” as she pleads with them, explaining that her 1-year-old son was inside. “He’s a baby!”

Source: Sacramento police release video of controversial encounter with pregnant woman – LA Times


One thought on “Video shows #SacramentoPD brutalizing pregnant woman, 1-year-old son

  1. Is there no explanation of WHY the police had to do this or why they were called… There are two sides to a story and we’re not seeing one here.. Only bad cop vs Pregy Woman.. Why were the police called in the first place.


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