#Calexit is back!

A new ballot initiative was submitted to state officials Thursday advocating for a federal constitutional convention that could lead to California’s independence.

The measure, similar to one already in circulation that is pushing for California’s secession from the union, would require the state Legislature to ask Congress to establish a new constitutional convention.

Source: Group files another ‘Calexit’ initiative in push for California’s independence – LA Times


One thought on “#Calexit is back!

  1. The people passing this insanity around NEVER tell the rubes that they and the shiny new Socialist country of Kalyfornia are on the hook for a chunk of the American National Debt.. Like to the tune of 2.2 TRILLION dollars and all monies borrowed have to be paid back. That amounts to billions in generous loans. The taxes alone wold be crushing and unpayable..But what the hey.. Let them have their fantasies.. They ain’t going anywhere but it’s good theater.


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