Legislator calls for @POTUS’ assassination

According to the Kansas City Star, Missouri State Senator Maria Chappelle-Nadal:

“was adamant Friday that she isn’t resigning over a Facebook post calling for President Donald Trump’s assassination. Chappelle-Nadal, a University City Democrat, has faced calls by Missouri’s top Democrats and Republicans demanding she resign from the legislature over a comment she posted on her personal Facebook Thursday: ‘I hope Trump is assassinated.’”

As we have reported numerous times before, violence, including killing, is the latest political tool employed by Leftists to achieve their political objectives. Politicians like Chappelle-Nadal are heroes in the elite media.

Source: ‘I hope Trump is assassinated,’ Missouri lawmaker writes | The Kansas City Star


One thought on “Legislator calls for @POTUS’ assassination

  1. Another black racist and she gets away with it.. were is Paul Ryan and Romney demanding she be arrested or a retraction… ZIP,.. These racists can shout death threats, actually shoot at GOP Congressmen and were is the media demanding an end to this violence..The Anarchists and street communists always get a pass.. Don’t they, by the democrat party..!!!


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