Things you won’t hear from the California Press Corps

Screenshot 2018-01-28 at 10.54.19Here are some items you won’t see covered by the California press corps. We thought you’d like to know.


You will never get an honest assessment about the state of newspapers in California from a member of the capitol press corps. Reporters in California can’t understand why you aren’t buying newspapers. They truly believe their content is wonderful and that readers really appreciate their work. They believe that mysterious dark forces on the internet are stealing their newspaper content and that’s the only reason their papers are hemorrhaging money and collapsing.  They can’t accept that readers have rejected their content as amateurish, biased, and hateful towards America.

America’s border policy is in the news. Separating children from their parents is a hot topic on the border. It’s not such a big deal in Southern California or the Bay Area where the brutal Los Angeles and San Francisco police departments carry on their literal war of genocide against the poor, the homeless, the mentally-ill, and people of color. Tearing families apart as people of color are railroaded into California prisons seems to still be OK.

The California press corps is “all in” on the daily assault of President Trump. Most of their coverage focuses on how to humiliate and demean the President of the United States. Nothing else (like the Legislature, the Governor, etc.) matters to them. Which explains whey their work-product is so dull. 

Kate Steinle’s life doesn’t matter. Sanctuary cities do.

Sex crimes committed by Democrats are OK.

The California Press Corps. is banding together to defend Diane Feinstein. The thought of a Latino representing California in the U.S. Senate has sent chills down the backs of the white elites who control the power in the state.

Ever notice that the white elites who run California’s premier news sources…like the L.A. Times, San Francisco Chronicle, Sacramento Bee, L.A. Daily News, etc., never say much about the police killing the poor, the homeless, the mentally ill and people of color? That’s because they’re OK with it. They will always slant their news coverage in favor of the police, no matter how hideous the crime.

To members if the California elite media…the First Amendment exists ONLY to protect their right to publish anything they want. In their eyes, it has no bearing or application to ordinary citizens.

Brutality directed at the homeless is a policy every editorial board at every California newspaper agrees with.

Reporters in California don’t care how many unarmed people the police kill.

Massive deportations of immigrants was not a problem when President Obama was in office.

The California Press Corps is primarily a “Whites Only” business. People of color are really of little concern to them.

There are 16 Muslim majority nations that refuse anyone with an Israeli passport entry to their country, including Malaysia, Bangladesh, Algeria and Brunei.  Even more extreme is the fact that eight countries — Iran, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Sudan, Yemen, Libya, Syria and Kuwait — forbid entry to anyone who has traveled to Israel.

Many journalists in California’s press corps believe that President Trump in he biggest cause of global warming on the planet.

California reporters tell us privately that they enjoy watching Antifa militants brutalize conservatives.

California reporters don’t believe MS-13 is a threat.

Hate speech, as hideous as it may be, is protected by the First Amendment.

White elites bankroll website. It’s not at all non-partisan.

Eight Leftists have been arrested for pulling down Durham’s Confederate statue. They face felony charges. More arrests are on the way.

Poll: 62% say Confederate statues should remain.

The opioid epidemic is mainly caused by American’s love for mind altering chemicals. White people are the nation’s largest consumers of illegal drugs.

President Trump has ended Operation Choke Point, an anti-fraud program begun during the Obama administration. It was used to target gun retailers and other businesses that Democrats found objectionable.

There is no evidence white nationalism is on the rise in the Bay Area or in California. There is also no evidence that President Trump’s supporters are abandoning him.

The Islamics continue their killing spree in Europe. Finland was hit right after Barcelona.

President Trump applauded Steve Bannon’s return to Breitbart:

“Steve Bannon will be a tough and smart new voice at @BreitbartNews,” wrote Trump. “…maybe even better than ever before. Fake News needs the competition!”

Violent Leftists shut down the Boston Free Speech Coalition rally on Saturday.

California authorities are planning on using Leftist protesters and the police to stop any pro-Trump or Conservative rally.

Fearing support from powerful police unions, Democrats never hold California police officers accountable for illegal use of force incidents. Never.




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