Desperate #Oakland families flee city’s school system

For the first time in more than a decade, Oakland Unified is opening a new public school in a bid to keep families from fleeing the district to attend charters they see as innovative or private schools they view as superior.

At the same time, Oakland didn’t need a new school. Officials acknowledge the district already has too many schools — about twice as many as districts with similar enrollment. And operating so many schools has contributed to the district’s fiscal crisis, with administrators warning earlier this year of a $30 million budget shortfall.

But by opening the school, which is located a few blocks east of the Oakland Coliseum, the district is fighting to keep students by offering a program that parents want. In the last decade, families in the city have increasingly spurned the district, opting for private schools, charter schools or schools in nearby cities.

Source: Oakland launches new public school in effort to prevent families from fleeing – San Francisco Chronicle


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