White #racists targeted by the California Senate

The California Senate will hold a series of public hearings next month to explore the rise of white supremacy in California and to ensure that the state is prepared to deal with race-driven rallies in the aftermath of the violence in Charlottesville, Va.

President Pro Tem Kevin de León and other state legislators have said more racist comments and mail have been directed at them since the November presidential election. He previously blamed Trump for not speaking out against groups that now feel more emboldened to share their racist beliefs publicly.

Source: CA Senate to probe rise of white supremecy | The Sacramento Bee


One thought on “White #racists targeted by the California Senate

  1. Kevin is one of the biggest racists in the Legislature.. I wonder if he will investigate himself for past actions and speeches.. He wants NO debate or opposition.. Everything is racist, so it must be banned and stopped. Welcome to Venezuela folks


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