LAO analysis debunks #FakeNews about California teacher shortage

Disregard what you’re hearing by so called nonprofit, nonpartisan media ventures that purport to explain California’s policies and politics.

According to the Legislative Analyst’s office many credentialed California teachers are not teaching.

The LAO estimates that more than 10,000 teachers in California have active credentials but are not currently teaching.

Some of these individuals might not have been able to find jobs during the recession. Some of these teachers, however, are likely to enter or return to the profession in the future.

A nationwide study by the National Center for Education Statistics found that of those teachers who began teaching in 2007–08 and left the profession within their first five years, 58 percent had either returned or expected to return to teaching in the future.

Other nationwide studies have shown that over one–quarter of all teachers hired in a given year have taught at some point in the past.

Source: The 2016-17 Budget: Proposition 98 Education Analysis


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