Bail bondsmen recruit allies to defend their slave trade

The cause du jour for apparently uninformed liberals regarding criminal law is based on a principle that poor defendants without money are unjustifiably held in jail pending trial simply because they can’t afford bail and are, thus, the objects of unconstitutional discrimination by unequal treatment.

They demand the system be changed, that new “tools” such as computer algorithms be used to decide whether a defendant can be safely released without depositing bail, and they say that a pretrial assessment will ensure a released defendant won’t endanger the crime victim or other people, and will show up for every hearing and trial.

This flies in the face of the California Constitution and voters’ demand that public safety be the primary consideration.

Source: Don’t replace judges’ bail assessment with an algorithm – San Francisco Chronicle


One comment

  1. new “tools” such as computer algorithms
    Los Angeles Dist Att is using th e Algorithms to determne this already.. Last week, the math said that a man was afe to release.. Three days later he killed his wife… Smart move .. keep’em in jail for public safety. It’s a no brainer. So Far AB 50 and Prop 47 results have been the cause of a massive crime wave in Kaly.


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